Speaking of coffee...this is what I am fortunate to wake up to in the morning in my cup....

Since I love Equator Coffee so much, I thought it would be interesting to look into the designers and the design motivation behind this beloved brand....check out this article on sprudge.com

So cool to learn that the red is Pantone 199 C — I have fallen in love with this red for use on several book projects. So vivid and vibrant, much like their coffee!


the package designers: STUDIO SCOTT

The quickly becoming well known name and logo as seen below was chosen "because coffee and tea is grown along the equator. The logo—a Bengal Tiger—is a nod to our early love of coffee from Sumatra and India. The Bengal Tiger is graceful and powerful, and it’s also symbolic of a species that is disappearing, which is another very important symbol to us that needs to be preserved." -- Helen Russell (excerpt taken from William Sonoma's Meet the Maker)

Outside the Tam Valley shop